Back to School… September, 2022… Updates and Projects

South High School has a new Principal.

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SHAFI will be looking at ways to help both the school and the students this year. We’d love your thoughts on this subject. Last year we had money due to COVID and being “shut-down” for 2020 and 2021. This year, 2022-23, we will be more selective. There will be a Board Meeting in September to discuss the subject. Please stay tuned.

Last Years UPDATES

Program Notes from the Theater Department…

December 14,2021

South High Student Theater has a strong tradition of excellence which showcases the incredible talent of our Ravens, and this year they are coming back from the losses of the pandemic with great enthusiasm and drive to rebuild the program. The fall play in early November, D.O.A., was a film-noir thriller based on a film from 1949 which followed a poisoned man racing the clock to solve his own murder before the poison kills him. The show was quite successful despite COVID restrictions for both cast and audience, and it was wonderful to return to live performances.  This spring’s musical is where the student-driven Drama program will truly show that their shine hasn’t dimmed one bit. South High Student Theater will be performing The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical based on the popular book series about a son of Poseidon who must battle monsters and save the world–all while still navigating the challenges of being a teenager. Our student actors and crew are very excited and motivated to take on this show, which will require a great deal of innovative creativity to bring so many gods and monsters to life. That is where the support of the community has been crucial. 

The South High Alumni and Friends graciously donated funds to help the theater recoup the losses incurred when the production of Mamma Mia had to be canceled in the spring of 2020. The PTSA has also helped with a mini-grant, and many South Alumni have contributed online to help South High Student Theater get back on their feet. This year’s Ravens in South High Student Theater are excited to carry on the strong traditions of our theater and maintain the high standards of excellence set by scores of alumni through the years. 

The Lightning Thief will be performed March 17, 18, 19 and 20th in the South High Auditorium.

Director Dr. Jennifer Rinaldi and Assistant Director Mr. Matthew Craig, working on the fall play.

December 12, 2021


November 11, 2021

ROTC hand-wrote a very nice Thank-You note after receiving their Grant of $300. We wanted to share it with you all… as you all make this happen…

November 1,2021

South High Homecoming Car Parade 

(through East Washington Park)

Ed Hurry, SHAFI Board Vice President

Ed Hurry, representing the ALUMNI in the Homecoming Parade October 2021.

Oct 8, 2021…

The Yearbook and South Newsletter program requested digital cameras for the students. They had an established tracking and care program set up for their equipment. In talking with the Faculty Sponsor/Teacher, SHAFI decided this was a good investment in the students and school. Rather than giving them a grant, Ken (our President) purchased the cameras and delivered them to the Teacher. We hope to see some of their work…

Sept 20,2021…

Through the quiet days of Covid-19, the Alumni didn’t have the opportunity to support the current students.  We didn’t have any idea what the students were doing or needing.  This August, we had the opportunity view a Video showing the “off the court” activities of the South High Girls Basketball team.  Some of us were nearly brought to tears by their compassion and respect for their coach and wanting to pay it forward. 

After a few weeks of discussion and reflecting on the girls’ actions, we have decided to grant every sport team at South and the major school activities including, but not limited to, Drum Team, Choir, Drama, Stage-Hands and ROTC.  Each team or activity will receive their check at the beginning of their season.  

The Grant comes with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!   We only ask that you let us know, in whatever way you want, what you have used the money for.    The Alumni Board will then pick one team or group to get an MVP award and an additional Grant/Scholarship.  We will coordinate this with Principal Thomas.  

             Needless to say, we were proud of our Girls Basketball Team….

Go Ravens.  



Soccer, Boys and Girls



Cross Country, Boys and Girls



Basketball, Boys and Girls



Swim and Dive, Boys and Girls

Lacrosse, Boys and Girls

Track and Field, Girls and Boys

Unified Sports


Drum Club

Key Club

Dance Team




Newsletter/Yearbook- Cameras (not grant)

Gary Burkgren, former President SHAFI

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